TypeLab is the studio of Melbourne based designer Dan Milne.
PHONE  0402 465 027
EMAIL  dan@typelab.co


Dan Milne is a type designer and graphic designer based in Melbourne. Dan studied Mechanical Engineering for three years before completing a Bachelor of Visual Communication at Monash University. In 2009 Dan completed a Masters in Type Design at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Netherlands. Dan has created custom and retail typefaces for clients including House Industries and Commercial Type and has collaborated with local Australian designers to produce typefaces for institutions including MUMA and MADA. Dan's Tasman type family will be released later this year by OurType. Dan has been teaching graphic design, typography and digital font design subjects at Monash University since 2006.


Powerful, customisable outline editing with RoboFont;
outline manipulation with UFO Stretch;
[almost] effortless kerning with Metrics Machine;
preparation of outlines with Prepolator;
multi-axial interpolation with Superpolator.

With thanks to the following source code and those who tirelessly maintain it:
RoboFab  |  UFO  |  FontTools  |  python  |  Adobe FDK

My RoboFont scripts on github;
Many more scripts and extensions for RoboFont by Frederik Berlaen and others.

Other software that aids my productivity:
FastScripts  |  LaunchBar  |  Applescript  |  JiTouch  |  TextWrangler